Marco Richetta

I am a web developer from Córdoba, Argentina.

I consider myself very curious to understand how things work in general.

I'm currently entering the React ecosystem, doing the Fullstack Open Course, because of the benefits it provides for the creation of real-time apps and the ease of defining reusable components. Some of the technologies I'm using are:

  • React (with State Hooks)
  • Node
  • Redux
  • MongoDB
  • GraphQL

Previously I developed some REST applications with Python frameworks like Flask and Django, with SQlite3 and PostgreSQL as databases.

On the frontend side, I used Bootstrap with templates (Jinja) for the UI, Javascript with AJAX to add extra functionality and WebSockets for bidirectional client-server communication.

My main goal now is to familiarize myself with the complete development cycle of a web application, from system analysis and modeling, through development, implementation, testing and deployment to the end user (CI/CD).

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