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I am a senior full-stack software engineer with a focus on building intuitive and effective web applications in Elixir(Erlang), Nodejs, Ruby, Golang and Angular/react/Vue using best practices and common design patterns. I am a problem solver, architect and have more than 7 years of industry Experience.

  • I can inter-convert nodejs, elixir/erlang, RoR codebase.
  • I have a very firm grasp in TDD, deployments and API development.
  • I have a firm grasp in working with iot devices(via mqtt).
  • I provide High-quality, maintainable backend and frontend solutions.
  • I can work on creating complex web applications.
  • I can create single-page web applications (SPA) using Angular/Vue/React.
  • I offer services in 3rd party API integrations.
  • Payment gateways integration (Stripe, PayPal etc).
  • Graphql
  • IoT/IoT core Backend + APIS
  • Able to work as part of a team or solely. I can also lead/manage a team for you.

I have worked on enterprise level applications and projects with millions of users. I have good experience with indexing, complex queries, caching, common security holes and dealing with big data.

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