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  • Knowledge of Python, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Understanding of the principles of OOP and ability to put them into practice
  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to understand others code
  • Desire to absorb new information and knowledge, to improve programming skills
  • English: fluent reading of technical documentation. Spoken English is not perfect, but I understand 70% of what is said. Able to keep up correspondence in English

My main hobby is work. I like to receive interesting tasks and to look for ways of solving them. I was interested in and studied C++ and PHP, but I stopped my choice on Python. I studied language by reading official documentation. In my spare time I read books on programming. Unfortunately, I have no practical experience of work with serious projects, but I want to get one very much. I am ready to devote my life to development as programmer and to walk my way from a junior to teamlead in the future


From 2010 to 2016 I was holding position of computer systems engineer at the State Enterprise "Center of the State Land Cadastre". My responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance, setup and support of servers with DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, Hyper­V, VMware vSphere, 1C (accounting system), Microsoft SQL.
  • Writing small SQL data retrival queries for reporting and analysis purposes.
  • Writing small programs for automation of business processes of the enterprise, setting up and monitoring of enterprise internal data access policies, processing and analysing the data with Python.

I have got an extensive experience of working in extreme conditions, ability to communicate with people, finding nontrivial solutions of problems regardless of their complexity and getting thins done in the shortest time.


In 2007 I graduated from Donetsk lyceum for talented children "Intellect”, where I had classes in informatics and mathematics primarily. There I studied Pascal and Delphi and was an author of the most difficult and interesting works in informatics and algorithms.

In 2006 I won first place in the Olympiada on programming among 11 classes and I acquired the right to enter any state university to continue my education.

In 2013 I graduated from Donetsk National Technical University (the former University of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence), faculty "Modern Computer Information Technologies", specialty "Software Engineer of Automated Systems".

In 2013 I have entered the Masters in Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine", faculty "Computer Technologies", specialty "Computer Systems and Networks". In 2015 I got Master's diploma.

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