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Amjad Hussain Syed
  • Member for 5 years, 2 months
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  • DevOps Engineer with 10 years of experience.
  • Certifed Kubernetes Administrator.
  • Certified AWS Solutions Architect - Associate.
  • Experience in managing Kubernetes cluster on EKS.
  • Zero Downtime deployments to production.
  • Experience in designing the infrastructure based on the microservices.
  • Experience in managing api's on kubernetes non-prod and production cluster.
  • Experience in building jenkins pipeline to deploy api's using HELM charts.
  • Setup Monitoring for multiple Kubernetes clusters, EC2 instances and DB instances(MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Redis, etc using Prometheus.
  • Setup dashboards in Grafana to visualize and monitor infrastructure.
  • Setting up alerts in Prometheus to monitor EC2, Kubernetes resources, Databases to different channels in slack and pagerduty integration for on-call.
  • Managing application infrastructure in AWS cloud and on-premise which includes Linux and windows.
  • Experience in setting up the ELK stack to perform log analytics and log monitoring.
  • Setting up the fluentd to read the logs from kubernetes pods and send to kafka and logstash as consumer to read the streaming logs from kafka and store it in elasticsearch.
  • Experience in setting up log analyticsand creating alerts based on the error patterns.
  • Experience in Designing Application infrastructure.
  • Working closely with developers and QA team to resolve their issue.
  • Working on sprints and agile methodology to manage the team workload.
  • Experience in building custom docker images.
  • Experience in managing dockerized production applications.
  • Experience in administering middleware applications servers(Apache, tomcat, weblogic, IIS).
  • Experience in implementing CI/CD, pipelines using jenkins, GIT, Maven, Nexus, Ansible, Terraform to automate Infrastructure as a code.
  • Experienced in release management and building Maven projects, production deployments, Go-Live support.
  • Automating operational activities using Go, Python, Shell, BATCH.
  • Managing databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch.
  • Developed various backup cli in GO to perform the backup of databases and upload it to the AWS S3 bucket.
  • Developed another GO cli to cleanup S3 buckets older than the mentioned days.
  • Implemented Consul-KV to manage the application configuration used by the api's.
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