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Software Engineer at ATMINA Solutions GmbH.

Worked with Java, Node.JS, Angular, PHP and React Native in the past.

Currently working with React 17, GraphQL, C# and Flutter by day, Node.js and Next.js by night, because TypeScript is awesome!

Voluntary developer in the Yes-Theory-Fam building a Discord.JS chatbot called YesBot and a website that's still WIP!

From time to time I am also active on Project Euler:

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And sometimes I do something on the StackExchange network:

profile for geisterfurz007 on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

I am not open to job offers at the moment. If you are still interested in me for other reasons, feel free to contact me on Discord @geisterfurz007#5952 and we can have a chat; read this website first though :)

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