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A successful business man!

val myFullName = "Visruth CV"

int **visruth;

Object visruth = null;

var visruth = null;

const visruth = null;

let visruth = null;

export VISRUTH=$VISRUTH:visruth

visruth = None

val description = """I'm surfing stackoverflow from its beginning. It gave me a chance to learn a lot of technical & non-technical things, even I could improve my attitude, mentality, behavior, professionality, work culture, analysis, way of development, way of thought etc.. etc.. etc... with the interaction of community members via forum post/comment & via private chats. Thanks to stackoverflow!""";

Forum interactions:- openkm, vaadin

My blogs to help engineers:- An important improvement for vaadin component

I always give solution for the requirement not just to answer the question.

  • Thrissur, Kerala, India
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