• 10+ years of software development experience on different Java Technologies into Interviewing, Healthcare, Telecom, and Operations domains. 5 years of experience on leading, managing teams, and building and managing client relationship. 6 years of experience on application development using Agile Scrum Methodology.
  • 3 years of experience on designing, architecting web applications. Good understanding of Design Patterns, and Layered Architecture.
  • 1 year experience on big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Presto, and Oozie.
  • Delivered projects from scratch as well as ongoing projects with high quality. Built good relationship with new clients (technical and non-technical) by communicating proactively, and understanding the business requirements. Prepared RFP, gathered requirements, estimation, planned sprint releases, negotiated timelines, raised red flags on time.
  • Provided consultation and worked on the design, solution, architecture and database schema for various projects in the organisation. Reviewed code of the products led by self and other products in the company.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills. Hand-on with development.


  • Set up staging and production environments on AWS Cloud using EC2, RDS, AWS Beanstalk, and other services in 2 products. Helped colleagues, clients in picking up suitable size of the servers for the environment.
  • Fixed critical performance issues in the product GreenJobInterview. Sped up the page load time from 18 seconds to 4 seconds. Optimized queries for other pages and code to improve the performance of the backend APIs. Fixed application server settings to improve the performance of the application. Refactored the major frontend and backend code in GreenjobInterview.
  • Set up the coding guidelines and shared within the company for Java based projects.
  • Created db schema for 3 projects from scratch. 1 in-house project.
  • Mentored juniors who are successfully leading projects and teams.
  • Led the big data learning group in the current organization. Led the in-house project on HCM for a few months.
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