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Director, Head of Data Sourcing in an asset management firm. Open-source programmer. Piano music composer. Board game enthusiast.

Former Science Advisor in an asset management firm. Former Chief Data Scientist of a large multinational. Former head of Data Science for a startup. Former physicist (quantum mechanics, gravitational waves). Former Science & IT consultant. See LinkedIn profile.

Author of the error propagation program "uncertainties", of the real time annotation program realtime_annotate and of the Markdown conversion program md_to_bgg.

Have been teaching Python to graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students, engineers and researchers since 2009.

Have been loving science since 1980, and practicing it since 1998 (PhD in quantum physics).

Good code design is a major priority for me.

Started programming in 1983. Worked with a dozen programming languages (imperative [Python, Fortran, Perl, Pascal, BASIC, C, C++,…], functional [Caml], mathematical (Mathematica, Maple, IDL), stack-based [Postscript, HP RPL], constraint-based [Prolog], flow-based [LabView], and assembly [Motorola 68000, HP Saturn]).

Have been working with Unix since 1994.

Started programming in Python in 2006, and still loving it!

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