I have been working in the technology industry since 2005 and I have worked with some fantastic people in that time. I've had the pleasure of working in industry giants, startups and some of the most interesting work was for government departments in both Ireland and the UK. I love my work I see it as a way of creating value from simple ideas and sketches on napkins (there are way too many sketches on the back of napkins).

I do spend alot of time doing code reviews and being reviewed and I have picked up some helpful nuggets. This is what I have been documenting on www.tomred.net. If a colleague asks a question and I think someone else might find the answer useful I stick it up www.tomred.net. If I get stuck trying to think of a solution and find a novel way to solve it I put it on www.tomred.net. Oh and if I keep forgetting stuff I put it on www.tomred.net. When I don't find an answer to something on stackoverflow or when it is just more questions I research and put it on www.tomred.net and reply to the questions I felt didn't have answers for me.

In the end I have a few hundred articles on what to do and when; and more importantly how. I generally try to stay away from the opinion pieces unless I specifically state it otherwise vI stick to the facts and hope that you can find your own opinion.

www.tomred.net has been around in one way or another since 2006. It began as a text file with bullet pointed reminders and notes when working on projects. Soon that just wasn't enough and so my first wiki was born. In those days I was a Technology Consultant and since I was travelling around all the time I got to interact with many different systems and I learned quiet alot. One of the things I learned was to take notes because some day you might be back on this project and you will need to ramp up pretty quickly.

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