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Passionate Software Engineer with the experience of 3+ years in Android Native Application Development and it’s one of my biggest passion: I love making users happy by meeting their individual needs. Today (almost) everyone has a smartphone in his pocket – this has changed the way we communicate and consume, but we can still improve the way we use them!

Today I’m working with B-Trac Solutions LTD (a concern of Bangla Trac Group) and it allows me to work with a lot of different people, with different teams, different technologies. Now, many of my developed application support millions of users to meet the day to day life goals which encourage me a lot to do more amazing work for the peoples.

I’m also passionate about Electronic Music Production. I love losing myself in the electronic genre which helps me a lot to not giving upon on my dream whether it’s Software Engineering or Music Production.

My responsibilites are:

  • Writing clean and efficient codes for Android applications
  • Maintain application Architecture (Android Clean Architecture), Dependency Injection, Reactive Programming, MVVM
  • Work with outside Data Source, APIs (RESTApi, GraphQL, SDK) and Caching
  • Monitoring the performance of live apps and work on optimizing
  • Identifying and resolving bottlenecks, rectifying bugs and enhancing application performance
  • Staying up to date with new mobile technology trends, applications, and protocols
  • Performing unit and instrumentation tests on code
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to define and design new features


  • Strong knowledge of Android Platform (Kotlin/Java)
  • Strong knowledge of Collections, Multithreading, IO, Networking, Generics, Profiling
  • Experience with Google Play Services API
  • Design patterns (GoF) and architecture of the applications
  • UX/UI Understanding according to the guidelines Material Design
  • Firebase/Parse
  • Dependency Injection with Dagger2/Hilt
  • Clean Architecture
  • 3rd party library integration
  • Communication with Backend Server through RESTApi/GraphQL/Client SDK
  • Experience with Library Development
  • RESTApi Development with Django, DRF


  • Electronics Dance Music (EDM) Production
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