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Not perfect yet B-) but I am looking forward :D I like video games, I play on PS4 and I am a fan of sport games such as FIFA,

I love speed and driving sport cars (in real life of course :D)

I am a very experienced person in many different fields of life, however, I never experienced smoking or get drunk :p

In terms of development, I love to write clean codes, I am a fan of using tabs :D

I enjoy when I create a new app, I like the feeling of being like the god and create new things :)

I know there are many people who are not agree with my comments and answers to questions on this website, and I don't want to defend myself here, but these are my experience and understanding :)

There are many other things about me which is a part of me, so to know more, you need to be in contact with me :)

Good luck.

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