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B M Shams Nahid

Shams Nahid is a freelancer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Rajshahi and now following his ardent passion for coding.

Throughout the career, Shams works in

✔ Web Application (Node, Python, Angular, React)

✔ Mobile Application (Native Android, Ionic 3/4, React Native)

✔ Desktop application (Electron)

✔ Bot platform (Facebook Messenger)

✔ Inventory management with blockchain (Ethereum network, web3 library)

✔ Real-Time Communication Apps (Firebase,

✔ SQL and No-SQL database (MongoDB, PostgreSQL)

In his free time, Shams loves to listen to old school hip hop music.

Big fan of Jay-Z and Nas (hypocrisy, right??).