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As a kid created a few basic programs on my Grandpas Commodor64 compouter, at home spended my computer time writing batch files to load my games faster (started my business by selling batch programming services at 13 years old :-) I actually made money from this). As I grew older I used computers to mostly play games and type my school work (including copy pasting and printing out a "write this X times" punishments - and it being accepted by the teacher, since he thought I actually typed it that many times.... :-))

Began using the internet around 1994, also built my first website then - got highly addicted to watching download progress bars (sometimes) advance...

After finishing my army service went to work at building websites, learned how to code - and the rest is history.

When I get to write code, I can become very excited and happy - especially when the feature/application is challenging and doing things I haven't done before.

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