Sam Malayek

You could say I'm a product of Stack Overflow since I've learned so much from the wealth of questions and answers here. I consider the authors of the posts I up-vote here to be some of my best teachers. I'm grateful to be in a position to give back now.

I started as a Web Developer working with JavaScript and PHP. A short moment working in UI/UX lead to solving more complex problems designing scalable micro-service architectures in AWS, as well as the micro-services themselves, and the dev-ops to support it. Now, I'm comfortable working with Java (+Scala), Python, JavaScript (+TypeScript), and PHP -- that's also my order of preference, but languages are tools and it's important to use the right tool for the right job. I'm always up for learning a new language if it makes sense for the job.

Working with Java was a critical step in understanding programming design patterns and the science of what goes on at lower layers.

-- Sam Malayek

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