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adding printer, Authentication adding printer username password
14 votes

OK, I figure out, that this is the request of a CUPS server authentication, which by default, has a value basic in config. And you have to switch it off by doing the following: sudo nano /etc/cups/...

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How to monitor bandwidth usage per process?
10 votes

Just a bit more comfort with netstat sudo watch -n1 netstat -tunap It will refresh the data each 1s

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GnomeGmail for Google Inbox (attachments)?
0 votes

Hello here is great project for that: https://github.com/Thomas101/wmail/releases

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Enable password on lock screen
Accepted answer
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I was trying a lot of different options and, finally, what works for me, is installation of xscreensaver sudo apt install xscreensaver I added a shortcut Shift+Super+L to a command: xscreensaver-...

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