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I enjoy long code walks and eating spaghetti code over a candle-lit text editor.

Double Jumper, brother to another mother, Water Cooling Engineer and orange-mocha-frappucinno aficionado. Roughly in that order.


Double Jump

I enjoy the double jump. It's exactly like the triple-jump, but with one less. I didn't make it in the 100 m sprint as #1 in the world, so I took up a sport where I was confident I would be the best of the best. Better to be the head of a donkey than the tail of a lion.

Checking the Documentation

Another hobby I enjoy vis a vis Microsoft's .net technology is commenting on any errata I find - particularly with respect to punctuation. There, is nothing, more, annoying than a misplaced comma. It's a human rights violation.


I also like playing WoW.

Beauty Pageant Winner

I've also won a beauty pageant. But unfortunately I had to forfeit it and go straight to jail without passing go. I still pocketed the $200 though. #BadBoyz4Evaz're still here?


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