Doing programming forever, now mostly in C#, F#, Ocaml and constraint programming.

Lately, I have done a lot of Erlang programming, reminds me of the Prolog days in the eighties. Really fun to make big distributed system, where you do a lot in a few thousand lines.

Right now, I am evaluating Clojure & Cassandra, did a lot Lisp programming in the 80s. Erlang and Clojure very similar, Erlang is more restricted and fails early, and Clojure is more general and often turns errors into nil. Not sure I really like that, so I am using Prismatic Schema a lot.

One of my todo list is to try Elixir, which is like a modernized Erlang. Same cool VM below. The reason is the partly rather strange boiler-plate code you write for Erlang/OTP.

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