I am a full stack software developer and DevOps engineer. My specializations are in Java and Spring Boot development.

I have professional experience experience in .NET, but it is minimal (junior level). I enjoyed the experience and can appreciate the benefits of the framework, however my preference is to remain developing in Java and Spring since that is what the bulk of my expertise is in.

The greatest thing about development is learning. I find all aspects and areas of software engineering to be exciting, and I love or appreciate every programming language for the strengths they can bring to development. In other words, I'm not a "fan boy" of any language or framework.

OSS projects are a source of enjoyment for me, and it would be great to get some regular collaborators together to work on project for fun.

Growing up in Samoa as a child instilled a love for the ocean and the beach, and a love of cultures other than my own. The more time I spend in other cultures, the more I realize that there's not much fundamental difference between us. The biggest difference is often just language, and I love learning new languages. Currently, I speak fluent Spanish and English, and I am currently trying to learn Gagana Samoa (lost it when I moved to the states), and Japanese.

Favorite Quote: "When in doubt, panic!" - Michael Ketchum