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Ejaz Karim
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Self motivated developer with strong work ethic and a team player. Led team of more than 20 developers and built products for enterprises. Put extra time, dedication and motivated teams to meet deadlines.

I am full-stack JavaScript Engineer with over 6 years of experience writing applications for different domains from eCommerce to Business Management to Marketing. I have experience writing multi-tenant (SaaS), single tenant, SOA (service Oriented Architecture), REST APIs, SOAP, and frontend development.

I have experience writing code in following languages and tools:

  1. JavaScript & TypeScript
  2. NodeJS
  3. ExpressJS
  4. SailsJS
  5. Loopback
  6. ReactJS
  7. VueJS
  8. MySQL, MongoDB and Redis
  9. Scrum & Agile

Activelty looking for a big opportunity

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