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Sourav Ghosh

If you are reading this, I am honored.


Coding is happiness !!!!

A software professional [In making...] :-)

I am here to learn something new everyday. My contributions [answer, comment and a little bit moderation work] are the return gift to the community which helped me [and many more like me] a lot especially during my initial days of learning how and what to code.

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Also, something for compiling a program to print my name in "quotes", using dynamic memory allocation for user-defined data type and thinking in object-oriented way.

All the best. Cheers!!!

P.S - In case you have had some help from my answer, and want to thank me in an alternate way, you can also consider checking out this small amazon wish-list of mine. :)

[A note: As I'm not a native english speaker, some of the writings may not be clear. If anyone wants to improve my posts, heartfelt thanks and you're most welcome]

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