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How to install a LibreOffice Language Tools (Spelling Check, Thesaurus...)
13 votes

For Ubuntu 12.04 and German (Austria), installing the hunspell package solved my problem: sudo apt-get install hunspell-de-at Remember to restart LibreOffice Writer after installing the package!

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Adding custom applications to GNOME 3 launcher
5 votes

I like Jorge's simple gnome-desktop-item-edit solution. However, if I place the .desktop file on ~/Desktop/ it does not show up as an application but only as a file in the gnome menu. So I do: sudo ...

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Is there an alternative to Microsoft Office Visio?
2 votes

I also like yEd very much: it has a straightforward approach to creating diagrams and lets you work efficiently after a very short while. The quality of the diagrams can be very high: there are ...

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How do I install Oracle JDK 6?
1 votes

In many cases it is not necessary to switch over to Oracle Java (or any other alternative version) completely. Many applications that require something other than the standard Java version can be ...

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