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BA, English Lit. MBA, Finance & Marketing - wrote my own accounting program in Basic on an Osborne II in 1982 - Merchant Banker - Financial Consultant - Ex-hotelier - Retired in Da Nang, Vietnam - Associated with the following projects: -- website that will protect our grannies from predatory tactics by so-called "financial Advisors" and other "professionsals" that steal from them -- (just developing a website in EE to record expenses from Politicians, civil servants, company employees. Users will be able to use Iphones, Androids, etc. to record expenses, daily, in realtime. The public will be able to monitor what their elected representatives spend, DAILY. Maybe the foodstamp receivers will use it to learn how to budget and manage their finances--maybe government administrators will use it to "means test" on the expenditure side. Finally, parents can set-up family accounts to track what Suzy and Billy are spending, etc. -- using Aquaponic technology use greenspace more productively across the globe, with a general goal of doubling the lowest per capita GDP countries' GDP. The project includes a marketing system to facilitate the sale of production to buyers, first, locally, then internationally--Note: Aquaponics systems produce, fruit, herbs, vegetables, spices and FISH, including prawns. -- I used to movie tours in Vancouver when I owned my hotel, which was famous because of having over 60 Hollywood productions filmed there, as well, many actors and actresses liven there: Daryl Hannah, Alyssa Milano, Billy Zane--even Jet Li had two fight in my garden!

If anyone is interested in involving themselves with a project, just make a < 2 minute video and post it to my Youtube Channel,

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