Sept. 26 2014 Hi, I'm Rebekah, a 17-year-old geek in her first year of college, where I'm studying programming. I've taken classes in Java, Visual Basic, and web design, because they were offered in my high school as dual-credit classes (meaning you get free college credits for passing them).

As far as programming goes: I'd like to know Python... and also C/C++ (because Unix). I also want to know more Java than the little bit I learned in class, which was nothing in-depth. Probably Perl and Lisp later on because they've been recommended to me, but I'm more concerned with the other three.

I also have a PHP/SQL O'Reilly textbook I haven't tucked into yet. Python first.

My other interests include writing (fantasy and steampunk novels), fishkeeping, making art, psychology, idly messing around with my guitar and ukulele, and reading books by the metric ton. Sometimes I cook, bake, or knit, and I enjoy playing video games sometimes.

I'm not going to be on here very often. Don't bother trying to contact me... not that you'd have a reason to do so anyway.

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