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Pietro Di Bello
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Hi! I'm Pietro 👋
I am a passionate coder, I like to build products that can change the life of people.
I am a coach and a trainer, I feel proud and happy when I can help my teammates get better every day at their jobs.
I am an agile developer, I try to embody the agile and lean principles in my professional life.
I love refactoring, testing and ~~eating an elephant~~ solving big problems one bite at a time, with tiny and safe steps.
My preferred programming languages are Kotlin and Ruby, but the one I know best is Java.
The people I owe the most are Kent Beck, Joe Rainsberger and Martin Fowler 🙏

I suck at drawing, but I like to draw ‘cause I think drawing and visualizing are the best way to understand things.
As a trainer, I held many courses on TDD, clean code, refactoring and taming legacy code.

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