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I am constantly learning. I am a full-stack programmer best with PHP (Laravel) and Javascript but I started on C++ and have spent a lot of time in many languages. I have experience in Javascript, PHP, Laravel, mySQL, HTML, CSS, C, C++, BASH, NodeJS, VueJS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and a lot more. I am resourceful and good with logic. I focus heavily on getting things done right. That is why planning is so important! I have done all kinds of work from simple userscripts, to Drupal modules, theming or re-theming sites, building complex web apps and even embedded systems(hardware and software). I chose to do projects that help me grow as a developer. Some day I plan to focus more of my time on a big project of my own but for now I am all about learning. I am trying to get around to more open source work on Github. I recently put an "I'm Busy" page on my website because it was mostly about freelance which I no longer do. Maybe some day I will get around to building an actual site there.

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