like many Iranian people I learned my knowledge myself without going to academy. Also I'm Improving current level in this way.

My start point for computer science is about 1995, when I was just 8 years old. It was repairing my PC power supply thanks to my electronic knowledge.

After that I learned more and more about hardware and now I can say I have pretty good idea and a lot of experience about hardware. I'm one of the best hardware problem resolver in .

Next step was my first web page designing. That was around 2001. I use MS word and paint to make a poor html page. after that I start using FrontPage,Dreamweaver,Flash MX and now I just need a simple notpad to make my php scripts and etc.

Next step in my career was a little mix of all I knew about hardwares and web developing I focused on servers and reasearch about below related topics:

Networking Server Management Virtualization Cloud Web Hosting ...