I was first exposed to Linux around 15 years ago, the equipment I support ran on Red Hat. Nowadays it's all open SuSE. The more I learned the more I liked it and I eventually moved over from the dark side and installed Ubuntu on my home PCs about 2 years ago. I do still have Windows, I am not one to get involved in the operating system arguments, but i find I am using it less and less.

I run my main PC and laptop on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the Gnome desktop. I run my Intel Atom based netbook on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the Lxde desktop. My preference these days is to install from the minimal ISO and add the desktop environment and chosen applications on top.

I run my Raspberry Pi on Raspbian and use it as an 'always on' remote access port for when I am away from home. When I am connected to a random hotel wifi I ssh into my Pi and, with dynamic port forwarding, route all my traffic through it. The Pi uses around 2W, it's my best gadget of the year.

I run my server on Open Media Vault using an old cube PC I salvaged from the work skip. This shuts down automatically and I wake it, as needed, with a WOL command from the Pi.

I am by no means an expert but an enthusiastic amatuer. I try to provide help on here and often find my self googling around in order to answer a question. I find I am learning more myself when I try to answer questions.

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