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Systems Engineer seeking to adopt the Site Reliability Engineering mindset sharing the ownership of the products with developers teams, having more control over infrastructure and operation problems, and software lifecycle maintenance. I am a person who believes that cultural transformation and human dynamics are key success factors in software development and delivery lifecycle, where communication, process documentation, and collaboration are important to understand and contribute to the business value.

I have been working with containers and orchestration technologies, infrastructure as code approaches, and CI/CD workflows within Azure cloud context.

Currently delivering applications deployments on Azure Kubernetes cluster by using a terraform-based git-ops approach via terraform cloud workspaces and Github actions. Along the way working with Azure Active Directory B2B and python for managing identities and granting access to applications across azure tenants.

My current interests are around monitoring, metrics collections and observability, serverless technologies, how to leverage go and python languages into cloud-native environments, and service mesh topics.

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