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I have over 10 years experience in the software industry. I have a keen interest on software performance and security.

A recent project I have worked on is a systems infrastructure monitoring and upgrade tool. It allows customers with large IT infrastructure to monitor, upgrade and control their systems from a central hub. This software is similar to Microsoft Operations Manager or IBM's Tivoli but more specific to the Cinema industry.

Eceipt Limited was a startup company specialising in the digitisation of receipts, created by myself and a business partner. I was responsible for all aspects of the platform for which the product would run on. This included designing and developing a fully functional system to store receipts and match them to credit card data. Credit Card security, PCI DSS compliance and privacy was a big part of this project. We worked with industry leaders on our solution to ensure they were suitable for the market.

In my spare time I have contracted as an iOS developer. One of the Apps which I helped prototype and design was complimented by an industry leader for it's ease of use.

I contribute to open-source software and have an active github profile along with my own projects.

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