Paul-Sebastian Manole
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Tech-savvy person, interested in software design and software architecture.

Currently working with C# and the .NET ecosystem and really liking the direction in which the open-source developer platform is going.

Secondary interests include the Rust programming language, WASM, WASI, the future of the web and the cloud.

Frameworks of choice: .NET Core, .NET 5+, Entity Framework Core
Main Languages: C#, SQL, TypeScript, JavaScript
Architectural patterns: Clean Architecture (aka. Hexagonal, Ports and Adapters, etc.), MVC, MVVM
Approaches & Practices: DDD (Domain-Driven Design), TDD
Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Document store
Tools: Git and GitHub Actions, MS Visual Studio and SSMS, JetBrains Rider and DataGrip
Frontend: Razor Pages, Blazor, React with TypeScript

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