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I am an IT professional and an expert in GIS solutions: Licensed suites (ArcGIS) and Open Source ones (OpenGeo).

I am MSc in GIS, BSc in Enviromental Sciences and VET in Software Development. Moreover, I have the certificate of the Authorized Instructor for ArcGIS (ESRI- Spain) and the Europass Mobility (SIGTE).

My career started in 2006 in United Kingdom and, two years and a half later, I moved back to Spain. Since beginning, I have supported to a wide range of disciplines such as Aviation, Civil Engineering, Environment, Telecom, Energy, Landscape and Territorial Planning. The major projects I have worked for are: The Olympics 2012 (United Kingdom), Jeddah Strategic Development Plan (Saudi Arabia), Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for the Cuenca Municipality (Spain) and the Transport Network Design for the Beijing Financial District (China).

I have more than seven years of experience in all the aspects involved in GIS projects: Analysis, Design, Software Development, Geoprocessing, Cartography, Database Management and Administration, Product Implementation, Training and Project Management.

Among the developments I have taken part, I would highlight: Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs), GIS Data Viewers (Desktop, Web & Mobile) and tools for data processing in ArcGIS Desktop (Python and Model Builder). Regarding my experience in GIS Analysis include Raster, Vector, 3D, Networks and Satellite.

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