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Maria Mozgunova
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I have studied Web Development on Yandex.Practicum courses. Currently work for AuditorPro. We are developing project for creating questionnaires.

Some of the most interesting projects I have been working on:

Created REST API service for reviews about music, films and books Wrote Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml, so the application can be launched with Docker container. There are four containers now: one for Django app, second for PostgreSQL database, third for Nginx web server to give out static files and the fourth for certbot to maintain secure https connection. I have registered a domain on Freenom and deployed the project on remote server

Helped to develop a web app for learning math in simple terms Teamlead reviewed all my work before pushing to repo. Implemented site search using Django.filters. Added reading time of an article. Created tree menu with django-mptt.

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