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10+ years experience as a Data Consultant and Machine Learning specialist, focused in business intelligence and business analytics area with good and strong knowledge in Data Engineering. Touching all phases of Data, from ETL (collect, transformation and ingest), in batch and streaming flow, create and manage data warehouse, data marts or data lakes to visualization and explain the results, working in agile methods, participating in MVP goal.

Strong skills in main phases of data: analysis, data mining and reporting by machine learning specialities, result-oriented with extensive experience in team building and leading, product development, project management, compliance, and quality assurance involved in marketing, business, financial and TI area. Currently, I lead up an important account (IBEX35 and large companies), area such retail, energy&power, banking, insurance and financial companies (national and international).

I have successfully helped companies to achieve and delivers successful solutions to complex projects and drives growth, productivity and reduced costs (I'll tell my experiences on my resume or in the interview).

I manage some in-company trainer'courses and as associate professor in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Science and Big Data specialization courses and master'degrees for some universities and collaboration at important national business'schools. Last training classes focused in AWS, GCP and Azure - Databricks platform, Data Integration and Microsoft products. I'm moving forward to real-streaming data problem solving by Spark ecosystem, Kafka and so on.

I have strong knowledge about Big Data, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Business Intelligence, team building and leading and passion for making and building as well as Data Visualization.

Not only business data, digital data and web analysis are my strength, I worked during 10 years with Google Marketing Platform, included Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and advertising tools. My big challenge is to be constantly involved in my projects since the beginning to the end.

Yes, of course, I spent my extra-time with my family, I like to travel and know new cultures and countries. I play electric guitar and e-drum, (rock music from 60's to 90's, pop&hard rock, blues), and I'm half triathlet (rider and swimmer). I like to play chess and other problem-solving games and related videogames.

It's me, Marco (no "s" at the end). a.k.a. marcusRB.

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