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When Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth can cause excruciating pain as they erupt. It can also cause more serious issues like sinus problems, cavities, and jaw misalignment. These symptoms may lead to the removal of the wisdom teeth. Just because your wisdom teeth aren't causing pain, it doesn't mean there is nothing wrong with your teeth. The teeth could be impacted or stuck, meaning they can't break into your mouth. You don't need to remove your wisdom teeth if:

They can be reached when brushing and flossing They have fully erupted They are positioned properly and don't affect your bite They are healthy

However, there are some cases where wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary. Using an x-ray to confirm the wisdom teeth' position and growth, your dentist will recommend the best course of treatment depending on the shape of your mouth and the health of other teeth. It is better to perform the procedure in young adulthood because the jaw hardens with age, making the teeth harder to extract.

You may need to have wisdom teeth removal if:

They are causing damage to nearby teeth They are damaging the jaw The wisdom teeth are causing sinus problems They are causing sensitivity and pain You have got inflamed gums

Are you looking for a solution for your impacted infected wisdom tooth? You can contact the Facial & Oral Surgery Institute to get your wisdom tooth extracted. You can visit our website to go through our client testimonials and know more about our services.

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