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Common Dental Problems And Their Treatments

Dental issues range from toothaches, cancers, and cavities to plaque and stained teeth. You can prevent these issues by following proper oral hygiene. Here are some of the common dental problems and their remedies.

Toothaches are the most common oral problems that may arise due to cavities, poor dental health, or injuries. The temporal solution of the ache is to use painkillers. At the same time, preventive measures involve abstaining from smoking and eating sugary foods, brushing and flossing regularly, and visiting a dentist for checkups. If the pain persists, or there is swelling or pus around the gums, consider visiting a dentist immediately. Stains are mostly associated with poor oral health and consumption of alcohol. To whiten your teeth, you can use over-the-counter whitening products, but if the stain does not fade away, visiting a specialized dental clinic such as Century Smile should be your ideal option. Tooth decay refers to damages on the teeth surfaces or enamel due to bacterial decay. The bacteria in your mouth produce acids and toxins that dissolve the enamel, leading to dental caries or cavities.

Plaque can be avoided by brushing your teeth after every meal, avoiding sugary food, and visiting a dentist for a checkup. Chipping is small or large damage to your tooth and can be rectified by using a crown.

If you have dental issues or pain, consider visiting Century Smile Dental. End your search for the best dentist near me by contacting us now!

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