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Welcome to my wild ride through the realm of software sorcery! As a software project coordinator, full-stack developer, and certified master of chaos (oops, I mean problem management), I've been conjuring code and leading teams since 2017. I know, it's a lot of "management," but fear not, I'm not here to cramp anyone's style. I'm more of a big-picture wizard, letting the details sort themselves out while I work my magic.

With my nerdy credentials in software product and team management from prestigious institutions (I collect certificates like a dragon hoards gold), I'm the cool kind of nerd. I make software look awesome and guard it against hacker hordes like a digital superhero. 🤓

When it comes to programming, I'm fluent in the mystical tongues of JavaScript ES6, Typescript, Node.js, Python (Django REST), and more. I also dabble in the dark arts of teaching software development, spreading my wizardry at various training centers. Oh, and did I mention I'm a tech consultant for startups and mid-sized businesses? I'm a software sorcerer who can make magic happen on any device. 🪄

Always hungry for new challenges, I'm constantly leveling up my skills. With my extensive experience in software engineering and project management, I conjure top-quality results, delivered on time and on budget. And if the stars align unfavorably, I can always blame the mischievous internet connection. 🦥

I firmly believe that success and leadership start with the right mindset. That's why I'm always pushing myself to improve and, ahem, inspiring others to join me. And "inspiring" means enthusiastically nudging and playfully pestering until they see the light. 😅

So hop on this enchanted roller coaster with me, and let's make software dreams come true while having a laugh or two along the way!

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