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Extremely grateful to be part of this open source community where people are graciously willing to offer their time and expertise to others.

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When you reach out and ask for help, people are actually taking their time to help you, so please:

These make me laugh every time I take a look at them!
enter image description here      enter image description here
Every single society/group of people I have ever run into, has had these incorrect views

About me:
Web development is my job and it allows me to put bread on the table, pay the bills and provide for my family. So I'm not here to goof around and spend my leisure time!
- I'm neither a "geek", nor a "nerd"!
- I'm a mental health advocate.
- I advocate also for preventing bullying/cyberbullying.

Note to self:
Be respectful and humble to others regardless of your power, achievements, social status, money, skin color, where you were born etc. and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS REMEMBER TO THINK TWICE, BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING.

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