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I started to work with web development in 2001, which has been my main area since then. Into this area, I could work as Software Engineering, Frontend Developer, Database Administrator, Process Analyst, Developer Lead and lately as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Data Engineer. All these different views helped me to have a better understanding of the particular needs of each area and to be able to integrate them properly.

During the analyst and definition work, I like to use Prototyping, UML, BPMN and SaaS Architecture. To manage my team, I use Scrum. Whenever possible, I seek to use Lean Startup, Lean Canvas, and Knowledge Validation to ensure that the features developed have the desired effect. I am always searching to properly balance the technical and strategic needs of product demands by observing the complexity of implementation and value proposition.

hold a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering and a degree in Computing.

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