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I started learning electronics when I was 13. Started 'messing' with computers because they were cool electronics gadgets (certified as a Radio Electronics technician {built my own three band radio and stereo} at age 13). A neighbour would give me old punch cards used by the IBM mainframes at the airport. Got a whole lot of old IBM stuff from ARAMCO. In 1982 I purchased a Sinclar ZX-81 and started programming in Z80A assembler and all Sinclair, and later AMSTRAD machines. Developed systems in PICK for U.K. Company. In 1989 started my first business building technology systems (software and hardware), tech departments and tech companies for Entrepreneurs. Have built TV stations, VOIP busineses and systems, Coca Cola/Pepsi high tech machinery, VIDEOJET, etc, etc. Came to Canada in 2009 - built a GSM company and some other stuff. Truth be told - I have done much more tech work in other countries than Canada (Canada is not that big on local innovation/enterprise). Since 2009, have been investing and developing a programming language, platform and db system which is an extremely advanced system...

Used the Internet at IBM before the Internet was a thing, in 1990... :) (my company owned the IBM building and we were building a TV station. IBM people gave us access to their 'internet' connection to search for equipment).

Have worked on every major OS since 1981... will be 100% linux soon (our servers are currently CentOS). By next year all desktops will be replaced by Linux 100%. The 'popular' desktops are way too intrusive/annoying/slow and STALE.

My highly educated Daughter, my Son and another highly educated individual is now taking over my businesses, my wife and I are slowly becoming mentors and advisors.

R.I.P. Garry Kildall (CP/M - Saint of MS-DOS/GUI) and Ken Simms (PICK/BASIC)!

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