A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions related to users, user accounts, user permissions or guest accounts.
Questions about Intel products or technologies. Intel is one of the leading manufacturers of CPUs and motherboards as well as a host of other hardware.
Juju is a Charmed Operator Framework, composed of a Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager and the Charmed Operator SDK.
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A freeze or hang is when the system becomes unresponsive for some period of time. This may relate to memory usage, graphics issues, or something else. If you are having this problem, be sure to includ…
systemd is a collection of daemons, libraries and tools for system management. Ubuntu's Upstart system was replaced with systemd starting with Ubuntu 15.04.
Broadcom wireless cards are known to have compatibility issues in Linux systems, and this tag should be used for questions about getting wireless working well on Ubuntu when a Broadcom card is involve…
1398 questions
VMWare, Inc. is a company that provides cloud and virtualization products and services. Use this tag if you are using VMware's products along with the tag for the software you are using; either [vmwar…
Questions about improving the performance, speed, and/or overall system responsiveness of Ubuntu. Note that this is a general tag, and should be accompanied by another tag indicating what kind of perf…
Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) was released on 18 April 2019 and reached end of public support on 23 January 2020. Questions specific to this release would be generally off-topic and are likely to be clos…
1375 questions
VLC Media Player is an open-source media player / transcoder / streaming server maintained by the VideoLAN organization.
Questions about managing/using repositories in general and about selecting Ubuntu repositories in particular. Most of the latter questions could be added under the "ppa" and "apt-get" tags as well.
Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage. Today, it takes the form of integrated circuits that allow stored data to be accessed in any order with a worst case performance of const…
For questions related to AMD graphic cards, their drivers and related problems.
For questions regarding storage drives that connect using a USB port.
Indicators are the icons that are located in the upper panel, doing things like estimating the battery level, displaying the current time, letting you adjust your volume, etc.
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Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was released on 17 October 2019 and it reached End of Public Support in July 17, 2020. Use this tag for version-specific questions only.
1321 questions
Brand of graphics processing units from AMD, included with other manufacturers' graphics cards. Ask questions about configuring or troubleshooting in Ubuntu.
Ubuntu One is the single account you use to log in to all services and sites related to Ubuntu. Previously, it was also a cross-platform synchronization service for files, contacts, notes, music and b…
1312 questions
Flash Players and Flash in general (the format etc). Use this tag if you have trouble enabling or installing Flash in Ubuntu.
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Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange.
should be used for questions relating to desktop environments, and not a specific desktop environment such as Gnome Shell, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Unity.
Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was released on April 13, 2017, and was supported until January 13, 2018. Questions about unsupported versions are likely to be closed as off-topic.
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Unix systems, and other Unix-like operating systems, use the term "swap" to describe both the act of moving memory pages between RAM and disk, and the region of a disk the pages are stored on. In some…
Questions related to crashes of system or applications.
Questions about Wubi, a way to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows without partitioning. However, it's been abandoned for years and is depreciated.
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CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, and is the main processing chip used in every computer. Brands include Intel, AMD and ARM. CPUs are commonly available in 32- and 64-bit, and come in a variety …
Python 3 is the latest major version of Python, a scripting language used by many open source developers.
The /etc/fstab file contains static file system information. It normally contains an entry for each partition name or UUID that lists the mount point, filesystem type and mount options.
Questions relating to Microsoft's Skype VOIP application and services.
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for questions regarding installing or using Ubuntu on Mac hardware. For questions about the hardware MAC address use the "networking" tag.
Questions about the login screen, specifically customizing/troubleshooting it.
Brand of laptop computers originally designed, manufactured and sold by IBM and now owned by Lenovo.
A microphone is a device that turns sound waves into something the computer can interpret. You can use microphones to capture audio for things like video chat, recording videos or podcasts, etc.
Metal as a Service – MAAS – lets you treat physical servers like virtual machines in the cloud. Rather than having to manage each server individually, MAAS turns your bare metal into an elastic cloud-…
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Questions related to email setup and troubleshooting. Most questions can be tagged with your email client (such as "thunderbird" or "evolution")
A method of connecting to the internet through an intermediary (a proxy server) which handles connections and redirects them.
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