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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 2231
Questions related to Dell hardware and troubleshooting Ubuntu
× 2229
one of the main access points for applications in Ubuntu. It provides quick access for launching applications and managing running applications.
× 2145
This non-LTS of Ubuntu, code-named "Vivid Vervet", was released on April 23rd, 2015 and reached End-of-Life on February 4, 2016. Newer questions should be considered off-topic.
× 2141
Questions regarding the MySQL database server, client and tools.
× 2138
Questions related to live (bootable) USB devices, which allow you to test Ubuntu without installing, to install Ubuntu, or carry out tasks that can't be done from the mounted root filesystem, such as …
× 2137
Questions related to the sudo command that allows users to run programs with the privileges of a different user (normally the root user).
× 2136
Questions related to PulseAudio, the default sound server in Ubuntu, which manages all audio devices like internal and external sound cards (and therefore all speakers, microphones, headsets, etc.) th…
× 2107
For questions concerning specifics about the files on Ubuntu. If your question is about the file manager called "Files" in Ubuntu, use the [nautilus] tag instead.
× 2074
Questions dealing with Ubuntu's layout of files, permissions, and files that reside in special locations on disk.
× 2055
used to check user identity or authenticate, for example log in to a user account, to gain elevated privileges with `sudo` or with encryption. Use this tag when asking about using and m…
× 2046
a server-side scripting language, used for building browser-based applications. This includes websites as well as programs that don't really need any form of interaction with the user.
× 1992
In Ubuntu most applications have dependencies, programs that they depend on to run correctly. This means that installing a package sometimes requires other packages to be installed, and removing packa…
× 1977
a Qt-based desktop environment as well as a suite of cross-platform desktop applications. Its latest desktop environment is KDE Plasma 5.
× 1950
The images that a desktop environment uses to identify files, folders, and applications. Icons are a core component of a GUI and are a fundamental part of navigating any computer today.
× 1946
the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Ubuntu and is also the default file server for Ubuntu.
× 1944
the third Long Term Support (LTS) release of Ubuntu. Released April 2010, and no longer supported since May 2013 on Desktops and April 2015 on Servers. Questions about …
× 1931
the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. This tag covers restoring from backup as well.
× 1922
a compositing window manager that uses 3D graphics hardware to enhance the usability and aesthetics of the desktop environment.
× 1901
Security covers a wide-ranging set of topics including Users, Permissions, Authentication, Authorisation, Upgrades, Firewalling, Hardening, etc.
× 1894
Questions about encryption such as home folder encryption, partition encryption and file encryption.
× 1890
Questions about uninstalling software in Ubuntu, or uninstalling Ubuntu from a computer.
× 1885
Questions about the 64-bit architecture, and how to get software (including 32-bit applications) working on it.
× 1883
Questions related to power management, particularly power saving measures.
× 1879
Questions about "themes" which alter the look of the interface.
× 1877
Questions related to compiling software from sources, usually using the "make" command.
× 1874
Codenamed "Maverick Meerkat", this version was released on Oct 10, 2010 and is no longer supported since Apr 10, 2012. Questions about unsupported versions are likely to be closed as off-topic.
× 1850
Writing applications for Ubuntu (including Ubuntu Touch) and questions about the application submission process to the Ubuntu Software Center. This covers both open source and commercial applications.
× 1826
For questions regarding shutting down and powering off.
× 1760
Questions about laptops in relationship to Ubuntu. Common subjects are trackpads, batteries and wireless cards.
× 1736
Questions about games and gaming on Ubuntu. Most other gaming-related questions can be asked on the Gaming StackExchange site -
× 1722
GNOME Terminal (often titled only "Terminal") is the default terminal emulator included in Ubuntu.
× 1716
a free and open-source cross-platform productivity suite. It includes a word processor (Writer), spreadsheet creator (Calc), presentation editor (Impress), database manager (Base), diag…
× 1686
An operating system from the Windows NT family of operating systems from Microsoft, released in 2012 and the successor of Windows 7. Introduced UEFI as a replacement for legacy firmware/BIOS and requi…
× 1654
This non-LTS (long term support) release of Ubuntu, code-named Wily Werewolf. It is now EOL. Newer questions should be considered off-topic.
× 1643
Lenovo make a large group of PC related products including desktops and more portable items such as Thinkpads and Ideapads as well as servers and display items.
× 1623
Questions about keyboard layout and configuration.