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Can not use Swap file on ZFS: Files with holes

At the moment (and for over 5 years at least) this is absolutely NOT recommended, see this bug: Any kind of swap: swapfile, or ZVOL as swap is risking OS ...
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Consistent Appearance Between Lock Screen and Log Out Screen in Xubuntu 22.04?

Install lightdm-gtk-greeter, then go to /etc/lightdm and edit (or create) /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to contain this: [SeatDefaults] greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter Next, install lightdm-gtk-...
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How to find specific old point-releases of Xubuntu (or any other flavor, I would imagine)

All ISOs of Ubuntu are handled by the Ubuntu Release team which keep only the latest at, with the main products (Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Desktop etc) moved to https://old-...
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My nvidia graphics card GT630 synergy edition not working on xubuntu

The definite answer seems to be that the legacy release 390 series of drivers is out of support... This has been my question regarding this problem. So every graphics card that is is only supported by ...
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Can't update Xubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa (LTS) to the next LTS release (22.04 Jammy)

This is a very tentative alternative I'm considering (reluctantly -- it is a lot of work): Install a fresh Focal in an empty partition (yes I have a few). Do a dpkg --get-selections on the old system,...
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error calling startservicebyname for org.xfce.filemanager: timeout reached

The problem in my case was emanating from smb through gvfs-daemon Feb 18 22:31:21 akash-x230 systemd[960]: Starting gvfs-daemon.service - Virtual filesystem service... Feb 18 22:31:21 akash-x230 ...
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Problems installing the Debian package for Chromium in Xubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

The comment gave the right hint: dpkg -l showed that there was some kind of chromium-browser installed (originally from the live stick): $ dpkg -l | grep chromium ii chromium-browser ...
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