Questions about using Wireless connections in Ubuntu. This tag is not limited to Wifi only.

What Questions Should Have This Tag?

Questions include:

  • Wireless printers
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Wireless mice
  • Other wireless devices

Basic Definitions

Bluetooth - Short range UHF, wireless technology

WLAN (Wireless [Local Area] Network) - A series of devices connected in a network configuration with at least 1 device being connected wirelessly.

Infrared Devices (IrDA) - Devices which communicate by transmitting signal via LEDs on the Infrared spectrum of light

802.11x (a, b, g, n, ac) - Standards by which specific wireless devices (commonly on network) comply. Depending on the end character specifies rate/frequency of transmissions.

Brief Introduction To The Subject

Wireless devices communicate by transmitting data over the air via light/radio waves. Depending on the specification certain devices will operate at differing frequencies (usually UHF or VHF). Many wireless networks will have a WAP (Wireless Access Point) through which devices can connect. These devices will use a wireless NIC (Network Interface Card), and often are set into a different subnet (in many business topologies).

Another way of connecting is Ad-Hoc, which is a full mesh form of connecting (all devices connect to each other directly). This can be a good way to connect for a small, or impromptu network, but does not function well in larger networks.

Most wireless peripherals (mice, keyboards, etc.) will use Bluetooth technology, because there is low cost, and relatively low power consumption versus other technologies.

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