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Uninstall GRUB and use Windows bootloader

This answer is for those with UEFI who have deleted the Ubuntu partitions before removing grub You will be doing this from Windows 10. No bootable media required. Where bootrec /fixmbr, bootsect /...
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Unable to change the root password in Windows 10 WSL

There is a simpler method. Open cmd.exe Type wsl -u root Type passwd username and change the password Type exit Type wsl Type sudo echo hi to confirm the new password works.
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Can I access Ubuntu from Windows remotely?

Yes, you can access Ubuntu from Windows remotely. Taken from this article. Follow these steps : Step 1 – Install xRDP Open Terminal (Crtl+Alt+T) and execute the following commands: sudo ...
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Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu on Separate Hard Drives

This should work for most systems that use UEFI and which have two HDD. Update: Be careful with newer Windows systems like Windows 10/11 which may depend on a single UEFI bootloader partition to work ...
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Is it possible to run a Windows .msi installer?

Open the terminal, change directories with cd to the location of the .msi file, and install the .msi file with a command of the form wine msiexec /i whatever-filename.msi. According to the official ...
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How can I create a Windows bootable USB stick using Ubuntu?

Writing ISOs with WoeUSB (WinUSB fork) Some answers are outdated, since WinUSB is not working anymore. But there is a working fork called WoeUSB. Github: TLDR: sudo ...
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Does Ubuntu damage USB drives?

No worries Ubuntu did not damage your USB drive. But we do not use poorly documented bit flags of a FAT32, FAT16, or NTFS filesystem. On Windows these flags indicate a possibly corrupted filesystem ...
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Uninstall GRUB and use Windows bootloader

To restore Win 10 default bootloader follow these steps: Log into Win 10 Open Command Prompt (Admin) c:\> bootsect /nt60 <drive name>: /mbr <drive name> is the drive letter where the ...
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Clock time is off on dual boot

To set the BIOS clock to local time instead of UTC in a systemd-based version (15.04 and above), you will have to use the timedatectl command. According to the Arch Wiki: You can set the hardware ...
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How would a local government make the switch from Windows to Ubuntu?

Sensible organizations don't choose their computer systems because of the cost of the operating system. They choose them because the system supports the business operation at an acceptably low level ...
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Does Ubuntu damage USB drives?

This is mostly an issue with Windows. It thinks it is the only OS in the world and acts out if it detects something it does not understand. Just because Windows says you must repair the drive does ...
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Can I recover my Windows product key from Ubuntu?

First recover your Ubuntu with going to recovery mode and running sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop This answer is not written by me but by Thomas on Superuser, please vote there, if you ...
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Use (Windows) BitLocker-encrypted drive on Ubuntu

Since Ubuntu 18.04, Dislocker is available in the Ubuntu Universe packages. It can be installed using sudo apt install dislocker You may need to sudo add-apt-repository universe sudo apt update ...
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What is the "Wanna Cry" ransomware's possible impact on Linux users?

If it helps and to complement Rinzwind's answer, first the questions: 1. How does it spread? Via Email. 2 friends were affected by it. They send the email to me to test under a supervised environment, ...
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Install Ubuntu without making Windows license void

I think you have been misled by the engineer. If you really want do dual boot ubuntu with win7, that is a fairly straightforward process. Ubuntu will happily co-exist in a dual-boot configuration ...
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Unable to change the root password in Windows 10 WSL

in wsl, sudo passwd will change the password of the WSL root user. in wsl, passwd will change the password of the current WSL user to specify which WSL user to use (temporarily) wsl -u [user] in wsl,...
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Why do Windows & Ubuntu have similar shell commands?

The Windows cmd.exe does not support ls, mount, etc., unless you installed these yourself and added them to the %PATH% (via Cygwin, MinGW, Subsystem for Unix-based Applications (SUA) or something else)...
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Why don't shared files show up in HGFS?

Run this command: sudo vmhgfs-fuse .host:/ /mnt/hgfs/ -o allow_other -o uid=1000 It will magically show all shared folders in /mnt/hgfs. (I had Ubuntu 16 VMWare running on a Windows 10 host) ...
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How do I burn the Windows 10 ISO to a USB?

I tried all the ways in this thread and none worked (and seriously, the question is about specifically writing to an USB key, why would people propose copying the ISO to another partition instead ??). ...
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Running Windows Steam on Linux (Using Wine)

I would recommend PlayOnLinux as a front end for Wine. To install PlayOnLinux run the following commands from a terminal window: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install playonlinux Note, ...
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WinUSB gives a exit code: 256

I started winusb from console: gksudo winusbgui then winusb detect my pendrive correctly, and I succesfully copied the Windows 7 installer to my pendrive (Ubuntu 14.10).
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Ubuntu 18.04 lts freezes while in boot, in wndows Virtual box. Solution?

i've had the same issue: 3D acceleration = off 10 GB Ram My solution was: 1 processor => 4 processors enable PAE/NX
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How to switch between host and guest OSes in virtual box

This is caused by the fact that Virtualbox "captures" keystrokes for the guest OS. You can disable this momentarily by pressing the "Host" key, which normally is the right Ctrl button. Try pressing ...
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How can I get grub2 to boot a different option only on the next boot?

You need to make sure you have GRUB_DEFAULT=saved in your grub config (which is autogenerated, you change this part of it by editing /etc/default/grub). sudo update-grub to make the changes active and ...
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WSL not working after update from Microsoft store

A second possible answer based on the latest information. I cannot test this personally since I am not having the issue. Please backup (using the steps I mention in my previous answer) before trying ...
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How to backup/clone Windows creating a recovery image using Ubuntu

Here's the VeryEasyWay™ to do this: download the CloneZilla Live CD, boot it follow the device-image manual to do the imaging. A disk-to-image will compress the disk image before writing it so the ...
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WoeUSB Error Code 256 with NTFS formatted USB

Edit 6: a major edit Now we talk about the github version of woeusb The github version is at 5.1.3 and works in Ubuntu 20.04.x LTS (and 18.04.x LTS, probably all current versions of Ubuntu, but I have ...
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How to run exe file in Ubuntu

I think you should use Wine. sudo apt-get install wine wine dir/WAV2RAW.exe Or Mono if you know that exe is .NET application: sudo apt install mono-runtime mono dir/WAV2RAW.exe
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Unable to boot into Windows after installing Ubuntu, how to fix?

GRUB menu does not appear If the computer boots into Ubuntu automatically without showing the GRUB menu at all, sometimes you can press the manufacturer's BIOS/UEFI key at boot time and while in UEFI ...
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Free software to share mouse and keyboard between linux and windows?

A search on alternativeto (and filtering by Open Source & Linux) returns Barrier, which is forked from Synergy. There used to be small print on the Synergy website stating that the payment is to ...
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