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Copy files from one partition to anoter

Ubuntu can read NTFS partitions by default. So you have nothing more to do than boot Ubuntu open the Files manager (Nautilus) identify your Windows partitions in the left sidebar and click on it ...
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Should I install 64-bit Ubuntu onto my 32-bit machine?

Yes - as statet on wikipedia and the AMD Website it is indeed an 64bit processor and capable of running 64bit Ubuntu.
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How to check if Ubuntu is still installed? (Windows Vista)

You could boot with an Ubuntu live system (from USB or DVD) and type lsblk -f in a terminal. If there are still partitions formatted as ext3 your ubuntu is probably still there. Then you can try the ...
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Erase Windows Vista to Install Ubuntu

When installing Ubuntu the install wizard asks you, if you want to install Ubuntu beside windows, or if you want to use the whole drive. Simply choose to use the whole drive and Windows gets erased ...
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Can I replace Windows Vista that is on my laptop with Ubuntu 16.04

you could do a temporary boot from a USB and see how you get on.I have installed Ubuntu on 5 computers and it was worked every time. One laptops wifi did not work with Windows but worked fine with ...
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Vista to Ubuntu? 2007 laptop

If you wait until 12:00AM UTC (so about 50 minutes), you can pick up the latest version of Ubuntu, as it is going to be released then. Tomorrow's release (16.04) is an LTS (Long-Term Support) release, ...
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Is it possible to install Ubuntu on an acer aspire 3690 (Win Vista)?

Please follow these steps to create your installation media : 1.Download the .iso file from Ubuntu website. 2.Download a software named Universal USB installer. 3.Run it to create a bootable USB drive....
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How Can I reinstall 64 bit ubuntu over 32 bit

If your machine is truly 64bit compatible (which is an absolute requirement), you will have to reinstall Ubuntu completely if you are wanting the 64-bit version. You can just re-run the 64bit liveCD ...
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Can I install a program on a different partition than Ubuntu?

Yes! you can. Just add following to your ~/.bashrc file. export PATH="/path/to/your/program:$PATH" After adding don't forget to restart your terminal or just execute exec bash.
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How to install Ubuntu to Windows Vista with or without a usb?

I assume you want to wipe Windows Vista and replace with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I can try and point you in the right direction based on some recent experience I have had: Make sure you have a USB stick ...
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I have just one big partition with windows loader in it... how to install Ubuntu alongside windows in that case?

You will need to shrink the volume of sda2 to allow space to "install along side Windows". Then you will have the option to install as you wanted, or you can "do something else" and create your own ...
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Can I use wubi if I have a UEFI motherboard and Windows Vista?

There are wubi installers for UEFI systems. I am currently running a 16.04 installation with Windows 10. What these installers do is dump grub into an EFI partition (E: as described on my computer) ...
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