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Can't close Authentication Required window after login

I faced the same problem on Pop_!OS, no need to reboot actually; The easier way is to just restart GNOME by one of two ways: press Alt + F2, type r then Enter or in terminal, type killall -3 gnome-...
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Switching between windows with scroll wheel on Ubuntu Dock

Open Terminal and run gsettings set scroll-action 'cycle-windows'
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How do I easily switch between windows rather than applications in GNOME Shell?

You can use Alt+` (the key above Tab) to cycle between windows of the same application. You can even mix Alt+Tab to cycle between application and Alt+` to cycle between windows of the selected ...
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How can I snap a window in a corner with 18.04?

For Ubuntu 22.04, and/or when using the Wayland window server, "Put Windows" doesn't work. :( So, see my instructions here to use "Awesome Tiles" and "WinTile" instead!: ...
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How do I set focus follows mouse in Ubuntu 17.10 and later with GNOME 3?

You may use (GNOME) Tweaks to achieve your goal. If it's not installed, first install it by running sudo apt install gnome-tweaks Launch Tweaks and go to the Windows section. Select "Sloppy"...
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How to enable/add window borders in 17.10 & 18.04?

I found the answer here. Make a file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css Add the lines: decoration { border: 1px solid gray; background: gray; } Reboot or log out+log in
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Top bar for all monitors (Ubuntu with GNOME Shell)

You can use a Gnome Shell extension, such as Multi Monitors, to add the top bar on the second monitor. If you're not familiar with installing Gnome Shell extensions, you may want to see this: How do ...
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How to move windows around and between monitors, using keyboard short cuts?

In Ubuntu 17.10, the Shift+Super+Arrows keyboard shortcuts move the window between the different monitors. Can be modified under Settings > Devices > Keyboard > Navigation > Move window one monitor ...
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How do I disable the window resizing when accidentally touching one of the screen edges in GNOME 3?

Open Terminal and run gsettings set org.gnome.mutter edge-tiling false You may also have to run gsettings set edge-tiling false
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How can I disable alt+click window dragging?

Today I've learned that pressing key Super together with Alt + Click circumvents (deactivates) the dragging behavior. Solved my issues at least, as the application (Inkscape) I wanted to use Alt+...
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How do I easily switch between windows rather than applications in GNOME Shell?

As someone still quite new to Ubuntu, I found the other answers confusing. After a bit of digging I found a simpler solution, as I also want Alt + Tab to toggle through all the open windows, not just ...
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Why is my browser leaving out so much space in both sides?

This is normal. It depends on how a site is designed (for example, from the screenshots you added, Stack Overflow and have the empty spaces, but YouTube doesn't). In general, regarding ...
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Open windows in center of screen

For newer version of gnome (3.14 or higher) compiz has been removed. you can now Open windows in center of screen by check center-new-windows in /org/gnome/mutter/ using dconf-editor.
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Can I act on the event that a window opens without polling?

I found two ways of solving this problem. Use the xprop -spy -root _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW command in combination with grep in a bash script. Create a C++ (could have been C or python as well my project ...
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23 votes

How do I control window placement in KDE with keyboard?

I was looking for a way to mimic the Microsoft Windows 7 window placement via keyboard including the windows (start) key. Similar to the other answers I went: Component: System Settings -> ...
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Easy way to get process information from a window

If you can use Terminal, try this: xprop | grep WM_CLASS and your cursor should turn into cross allowing you to click on any window to get its process name. If you just need the PID, try: xprop | ...
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21 votes

How to slim down Ubuntu GNOME title bar fatness?

You're seeing this fatter title bar because you're using Gnome-Shell. In Gnome-Shell, the title bars of Numix theme are much fatter than the versions for Unity. Check these two images Unity Gnome ...
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VLC systematically opening in 2 separate windows in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I have had the same problem on Ubuntu 21.04,21.10 deb version vlc. I tried to change Video Output setting and also I change Input/Codecs -> Hardware-accelerated decoding setting, after that, it ...
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KDE Plasma: Maximized window on second monitor leaves large gap

I had the same issue and was able to fix it by changing and re-changing the display alignments in the display settings. So, it was lined up, I moved it around, pressed apply, then moved it back to ...
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How do I easily switch between windows rather than applications in GNOME Shell?

You may use alt+esc combination. It's not as aesthetically pleasing as alt+tab, it doesn't show the overlay with application icons/windows. But it does the job, it just switches to the next window ...
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Remove title-bar of all maximized windows in GNOME 3

Update from 2018: pixel-saver is pretty much abandoned project, as mentioned here It also has a lot of open issues, like this. But fortunatelly, we can install no-title-bar which works great and ...
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17 votes

How to move the window control buttons in 18.04

You can use GNOME Tweak Tool. Install it by running sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool in the terminal. Or search for it in Ubuntu Software by typing gnome tweaks. Go to Windows and look under ...
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How do I keep a window open in front of other windows?

In Gnome some applications (like Vivaldi browser) override the official gnome window and as the result the rightclick does not work. In these cases you can press Alt+space to see the window menu and ...
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Screen tearing in Xubuntu, no problem with Ubuntu

Note: these directions have been abridged from the original source of Duncan Lock's blog. Disable XFCE's built-in compositor: Open up a terminal, and run these commands: sudo apt-get update sudo ...
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macOS-like app switching in Plasma 5

This is possible: Go to system settings and then: Window Management --> Task switcher --> Tick only one window per application
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Keyboard shortcut to move windows between monitors?

Move window from left monitor to right monitor: Super (i.e. Windows key)+Shift+right arrow Move window from right monitor to left monitor: Super(i.e. Windows key)+Shift+left arrow
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Open windows in center of screen

Actually, in recent versions of Ubuntu it is enabled by default. And since GNOME v3.30 there is also a visible option in GNOME Tweaks: Just select "Center New Windows" under "Windows".
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How can I detach a tab from my main chrome window (into a new window)?

In case someone is interested in a current solution without extensions: If you just start typing the name of the website you want to access or highlight the URL and press Shift+Return, a new detached ...
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Show window for transfering and extracting files in KDE Plasma 5

KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5 notifications As default the plasma 5 desktop is showing copy progress in the task buttons and in the notifications: Task manager setting: "Show progress and status ...
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How to start apps always on specific display?

Be prepared to get your hands dirty On the edge of what I feel we could ask users to do, but on the other hand, when instructions are clear, why not? So here we go... Background process to set on ...
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