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The problem here is that apparently Vundle is a legacy package manager for vim, and when we use the PluginSearch function, it downloads available scripts lists from A visit to the said address reveals that the website has been discontinued: This used to be a mirror of Vim's scripts site on Github. It was created to allow early ...


:x! does the same thing and I have no idea where :wq! came from in modern documentation since it was obsolete 4 decades ago. The problem with wq! is does that mean write then force quit or force write and then quit? With x! it is clear.


:wq! means "write this buffer then close it, no questions asked." If you have any other buffers open, they stay open and vim doesn't exit.


"!" means don't nag me with warnings; just do it. If you try and vim /etc/hosts, and make changes and try and save with :wq! - the "!" is moot. That is a real error that can't be forced thus use of "!" won't work. A useful example.. touch ~/example chmod -w ~/example vim ~/example If you open a file where you have READ access only but have taken away ...


When you open up vim type the following :set paste and when before you exit :set nopaste You might also check the top answer in this post

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