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Here we are going to use getent for the detailed the info We can list the user with the following command: getent passwd We can list the group as follows: getent group To fetch detail a specific user getent passwd lalit Replace the lalit with your user name. Lalit will not be in every system :) You can read the more into about getent here


Even though Its a duplicate of How do I hide a particular user from the login screen? I have just tried it whether its working or not in Ubuntu 19.10 Fresh Install It worked.. sudo -H nautilus /var/lib/AccountsService/users/ I have a, b, c, & d user accounts while bullet is my own account (Admin) I would like to hide user a & c so open file a ...


You can use option -D to edit the default expiry date from command line: adduser -D --expiredate=2020-12-22 and to list the new defaults: adduser -D Worked in Centos7

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