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USB drive does not mount anymore - “Error unlocking...File exists”

This is to confirm that TravelTrader solution from Apr 12, 2021 is successful with apps/packages from Debian Stable repository For those using apps from a Flatpak repository, you need to adapt ...
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How to stop UPnP broadcasts for USB device insert / remove

The mystery broadcast packets do seem to be coming from avahi-daemon, and mucking around in /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf I do seem to be able to influence what it produces, block interfaces it has no ...
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Installing Ubuntu 22.04 on USB Pendrive on Legacy system

Do you mean install a full OS onto a pen drive, or do you mean simply write an ISO onto a pen drive so that you can boot from it and install? If the latter, don't bother. Just use Ventoy to format a ...
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