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Try: sudo apt-get --purge -y remove 'cuda*' sudo apt-get --purge -y remove 'nvidia*' sudo reboot It removes any installed cuda and nvidia packages and then you can install any specific version that you like from:


If your input file has an empty line before every ## line and only there, you can specify an empty line as the end of your range: sed -n '/## bash, file, re/,/^$/p' bash.kb ^$ matches a line that has the beginning (^), the end of the line ($) and nothing in between.


Methods vary on the Ubuntu version: On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS the per-user configuration for Guake is stored in ~/.gconf/apps/guake You can remove files from this folder to purge per-user configuration. On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and newer versions it uses dconf / gsettings for configuration. Install dconf command with sudo apt-get install dconf-cli and then reset ...


None of the ideas the gang wrotes worked for me. So... I decided to perform a "manual" removal of all the files with the name "cqrlog". I did it with the files tracker called: "Catfish". At the same time, I used "Thunar", as superuser. There were not too much files; configuration files (text) most of them. So... I erased all of them, one by one. Then I ...

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